Ang Musika at Buhay

ang musika ay buhay

at bu’hay

at buhay

ang musika.


at ang buhay ay musika

ng musika

ng buhay..


at musika ng buhay

ang buhay

ng musika.


mahirap ma’t hindi

may buhay ma’t wala

ay niyayakap ng musika

—ng musika

—ng buhay


—ng musika

na buhay

at buhay 

na musika…


ang buhay ay musika

at ang musika ay buhay


ang mabuhay sa mundo

ay mabuhay na may buhay

sa buhay ng musika……….



12 thoughts on “Ang Musika at Buhay

  1. Bilang isang bisita na marunong kumilala ng kakayahan, ako ay magbibigay ng puna sa tulang mukhang di kayang higitan…

    Yes, music dances with life and life dances to music.
    Every melody, every message,
    Reflects life at its best, at its worst…
    At its prettiest, at its ugliest,
    At its simplicity, at its complexity…
    Every music defines life as every life story is defined by music…

    Sorry Ginoo, nahirapan lang mag-Tagalog…:)

      • life without music is like living a totally boring life….

        Music is a mirror of life, sometimes the hardest part of it. It carries our message.

        If strong messages are just said, it adds up to our already stressful life. But if a message is communicated by way of letting the words flow with a very smooth melody, it becomes both a challenge and an inspiration… 🙂

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